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πŸ‘† Click-to-Dial allows people to make phone calls in real-time using VoIP

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What is Click-to-Dial?

Click-to-Dial, also known as click-to-call, represents a form of digital communication wherein a user initiates real-time connection with another individual by clicking a button or link. Through the utilization of click-to-dial, you can swiftly place a call to a customer by simply clicking a linked number or button. The call is seamlessly routed through your Dialer/Softphone, eliminating the necessity for a physical connection.

Who Can Benefit from Click-to-Dial?

Click-to-dial offers efficiency and advantages to anyone involved in direct response marketing, including both employees and managers. Employees have the capability to directly contact customers from various sources such as web pages, submitted forms, or within their customer relations management (CRM) system. This feature streamlines communication, providing quicker and more seamless interactions. Ultimately, customers also reap the benefits as they experience reduced waiting times for answers to their inquiries or other forms of support.

How Click-to-Dial Operates

The mechanism of click-to-dial revolves around the utilization of a softphone, which facilitates the connection between two parties. Each participant's spoken words are transformed into data and transmitted through the softphone application. In practice, there are two primary methods:

  • An employee can conveniently click on any visible number on their device, prompting the softphone to establish the connection between the parties.

  • Your company can seamlessly integrate click-to-dial functionality with its CRM (customer relations management) software.

  • A user can initiate a connection by clicking a designated button, which prompts the softphone to establish contact.

  • Contact details are extracted from the customer's profile within the CRM, and the softphone seamlessly facilitates the connection.

Advantages of Click-to-Dial

Click-to-dial significantly expedites and streamlines customer interactions. Several key benefits include: Your sales or support teams can promptly engage with customers. Incorporating click-to-dial into your CRM system can save valuable time for your sales force. Maintaining consistent communication with existing customers becomes more convenient, as it becomes quicker and simpler to reach out."

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