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Making calls from HubSpot Workflows [Action]
Making calls from HubSpot Workflows [Action]

Set up Speed To Lead™ + HubSpot CRM integration

Updated over a week ago

NEW! We improved our HubSpot integration to give you even more flexibility with your Workflows. Our HubSpot integration gives you a simple way to make calls from your HubSpot Workflows.

How to set up ?

Before you start following the steps below make sure that you have integrated HubSpot with according to the following instruction ↗️ . Also, note that HubSpot Workflows aren’t available for all subscription plans and might be restricted for some users because of permission settings.

For contact-based workflows

As soon as you've authorized and installed Convolo from the HubSpot Marketplace, you'll have the ability to utilize the Convolo app as an action within the workflow builder. Please keep in mind that the Convolo app will only be available for contact-based workflows.

1. Create a new workflow or open the existing one in your workflows list.

2. Set up trigger (e.g. Form submissions):

3. Add an action by clicking on ‘+’:

4. Choose “Convolo Call(beta)” as an action:

5. Fill “Widget Key” and “Api Key” fields. In order to find your keys follow the instructions here: How to get widget key ↗️ & How to get an API key ↗.

6. Select “Prefer mobile phone number”. If this field is set to “Yes”, then the contact’s mobile phone number would be used as a primary phone. Otherwise, the contact’s phone number would be used as a primary phone.

7. Click the “Save” button.

8. Turn on the workflow in HubSpot:

Now you’re all set ! 🎉

For other workflows

Company-based, Deal-based, Ticket-based or any other workflows you’ll need to use Webhooks as an action in order to trigger calls via Convolo.

1. Create a workflow.

2. Setup any trigger according to your preference.

3. Choose “Send a webhook” as an action.

4. Select the following:

Method: POST
Webhook URL:
Authentication type: None

Method: POST Webhook URL: Authentication type: None

5. Customize request body

5.1 Add static values

5.2 Add properties

  • lc_number – property which contain number which should be called. It is the only required property, all other properties are optional

  • lc_number_2 – property which contain additional number.

  • etup custom parameters. Add custom properties which would be added to the call. Please note, that each property name should start with “lc_param_”

6. Save the action & Save the workflow.

Now you’re all set ! 🎉


Q: How to add contact parameters to the call?

A: If the widget has a custom parameter with the same name(except the “lc_param_” prefix) as the contact parameter, it would be synced automatically. E.g. If the widget has parameters lc_param_firstname and lc_param_lastname, the contact name will automatically be added to the call.

If you are having trouble integrating HubSpot or you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected]

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