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Warm Transfer and Conference 3-Way Calls
Warm Transfer and Conference 3-Way Calls

Convert faster by making a 3-way call for qualified leads

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A warm transfer happens when the agent making the outbound call connects the lead with another agent. At the same time the first agent who initiated the call will stay connected with both the new agent and the lead, thus making it a 3-way call.

Convolo Multi-Line Dialer allows for this, making it easier and faster to convert qualified leads.

Benefits of using 3-way calls

  • Being able to qualify the lead and promptly forward them to the next step in your lead journey.

  • Making an introduction and warming up the lead to the agent getting the transfer.

  • Being able to transfer the lead to another Dialer agent or to an agent on a different device (mobile phone, for example).

Setting up warm transfer

In order to set up warm transfer feature, please, forward an email to [email protected] with a list of agents who should get the transferred calls with the following information:

  • Agents' names.

  • Agents' phone numbers.

Convolo Support team will set up the transfer options on your account.

Making a warm transfer/3-way conference call

During an answered Dialer call, follow the steps below to perform the warm transfer:

  1. On the Dialer toolbar, select the button for the warm transfer as indicated below and choose an available agent for the transfer (on the example below, it's the "Transfer Line").

  2. Once you choose the agent to get the transfer, the Dialer will start calling them and you will hear a ringtone.

    At the same time, the lead will hear a soft hold tone. On the Dialer screen, the toolbar will look like below and you can cancel the transfer any time by clicking on the transfer button.

  3. Once the agent getting the transfer accepts the call, you have the option to continue on the line (making it a 3-way call) or simply hang up on your Dialer.

    Hanging up on your Dialer, once the other agent has taken the transferred call, will end the call for you, but the lead and the other agent will continue connected.

In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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