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Following FCC (Federal Communications Commission) rules and authority, companies providing voice services block and label calls that are illegal or unwanted. They do this on their own and also work with analytics engine partners. Both the service providers and analytics engine partners think it's essential to create better ways to address problems related to call blocking and labeling, which is why they usually offer a way to remediate and redress this blocking and labeling. 

In case one of your dedicated phone numbers has been flagged as spam-likely or similar, you can take these remediation steps in order to unflag them. Below you will find information on how to address the flagged numbers in each of the most common carriers in the US.

Robokiller Remediation

Robokiller is an app popular among many users nowaydays. It can block unwanted calls and avoid spammy contacts. However, sometimes Robokiller wrongly blocks phone numbers.

To remediate with Robokiller, follow this link and complete the form with the information required.

You will need to insert your personal/company's information, as well as the phone numbers that have been flagged.

In the "Additional Notes" section, include details about the purpose and reasons behind your company's outbound calls. Providing more information increases the chances of your request being processed smoothly. You can write, for example:

"Hi, I am with [Company name] and our calls are not spam or malicious. We're performing outbound calls for XYZ reasons. We are compliant with the TCPA rules and guidelines. That being said, we kindly request that you unblock/unflag the phone numbers above".

Once the form is filled out, hit the "Submit" button. You should receive a response from Robokiller in a week or so.

Verizon Remediation

Verizon is one of the most popular carriers in the US. It has a large demographic of users, having developed a way to flag and block (in rare cases) phone numbers that may be identified as spam. To remediate with Verizon, you need to access this link.

From that page, you should complete a form asking for feedback on the flagged numbers. Choose the options as on the screenshot below and hit "Next":

Then, complete the form with the necessary information (your own contact details + your company's), along with the phone numbers that you're sending for remediation.

Under "Telephone Service Provider(s)" you can put "Convolo AI Inc". Under "Calls per month" you can think of a rough estimate, based on your monthly call volume (you can check it on Convolo Dashboard -> Multi-Line Dialer -> "Calls" page).

After submitting the form, you should hear back from Verizon's team within 3 working days.

Hiya & AT&T Remediation

Remediatsion with Hiya & AT&T follow the same basic procedures as above. To do it, visit the page on this link. You will find a "Submit a request" form that must be filled out.

On "Choose your Issue Below ", select "There is a problem with the information shown for a phone number".

On "Description" you can insert information about the outbound calls and campaigns that your company runs, attesting that you're complying with the TCPA guidelines.

Then, continue filling out the form according to the picture below. Notice that you should add the flagged phone numbers, separating them with a space:

Once this is done, scroll down and continue completing the form with your personal/company's information.

Finally, submit the form after reviewing your information. You should get a response within a few business days.

Remediating with T-Mobile / FirstOrion

T-Mobile serves many people across the United States with its telephony service. Their system automatically checks calls for suspicious behavior, but sometimes it may mistakenly label valid numbers, like those from legitimate businesses, as "Scam Likely" or "Spam Likely". This happens because the system is automated and may not always get it right.

To remediate with T-Mobile, go to this page. Complete the form, selecting that calls are "Not a Scam Likely Call", as well as mentioning that the caller is a business or organization with prior contact.

Then continue to filling out the call details (with the phone number that is flagged). This process will need to be repeated for each flagged number, as T-Mobile will only allow one number per form submission.

You should get a reply from T-Mobile within 72 hours.

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