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Getting Started with Multi-Line Dialer™
Getting Started with Multi-Line Dialer™

Everything you need to know to get started and get to work with Convolo Dialer

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In order to get the best possible experience with VoIP (voice over internet), you should have stable internet connection (~150KB/sec per active call) and VoIP shouldn’t be restricted in your area. A cable internet connection and headset or any other sound recording device are highly recommended.

1. Install Convolo Dialer App on Laptop/PC

To start using the Convolo Dialer, every user should download Convolo Dialer on their Laptop/PC according to the instruction → Installing Dialer on Mac & Windows ↗

2. Install Convolo Dialer Extension

Convolo Dialer Extension [click to view in Chrome Webstore ↗] will allow you to dial every phone number on web with just one click! After the installation of the following extension, click on the extension and tick the checkboxes according to the screenshot below.

3. Set Convolo as Default Calling App

Calls can be initiated instantly from the Convolo Dialer when you click on the phone number or the phone icon of a contact in Sheets, CRM or any other software. In order to enable that make sure to set Convolo Dialer as default calling app on your computer.

3.1. On Mac OS 🍎

To change the default calling app on Mac:

  • Open FaceTime on Mac.

  • Select "FaceTime" from the computer’s top menu bar > "Preferences" > "Settings".

  • Change the "Default for calls" to "Convolo Dialer".

3.2. On Windows 🖥

To change the default calling app on Windows:

  • Search for "Default apps".

  • Click on "Choose default apps by protocol" at the bottom.

  • Finally, scroll to "TEL", click on it, and select "Convolo Dialer".

4. Run few tests

It is important to us that every user has a seamless experience while using our calling solution. To ensure the optimal level of service that we expect to provide, we’ve established a few test scenarios to be completed before active use of Convolo Dialer application.

4.1 Do an echo test

Click on this link →

Purpose: ensure that your microphone and speaker are enabled and stable.

4.2 Dial your cell phone number & vice versa

Dial your cell phone number and then Dial back from your cell phone to the dialer number.

Purpose: ensure that Dialer dials out and also receives incoming calls.

4.3 Use click-to-call

If you have your Dialer Extension installed, enter your Chrome-based browser and click any number on this page →

Purpose: ensure that Dialer dials out when clicking on a phone number.

Notion Image

4.4 Dial from the context menu

If you have your Dialer Extension installed, Enter your Chrome-based browser → Select any phone number → Right click → Select “Call with Dialer”.

Purpose: ensure that Dialer dials out when selecting and clicking a number.

Notion Image

Now you’re all set ! 🎉

If you are having trouble with Convolo Dialer or you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected]

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