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Initiating a Convolo Leads call with API

Get to know how to start a call through an API request

Last updated on July 20, 2022

This article is about how to start a call through an API request, and it is for the technical team only.

Request URL for initiating the calls:

This endpoint supports both GET and POST methods, which work the same. For POST, it should be a JSON object body.

The following values can be sent in the request body:

widget_key - You can find the widget key under the "Main" tab in Convolo Dashboard.

api_key - An API key from the widget settings. You need to set it up first in the Dashboard, under the "Integrations" tab:

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lc_number - Lead's phone number in the international format. It is possible to use the local format if the correct country code is specified.

lc_number_2 - Lead's second number. If a lead has 2 phone numbers, the system can call both. It is also possible to use the local format if the correct country code is specified (optional).

lc_message - Overrides a voice message to the operator. This is obsolete since it is recommended to use custom parameters as a more flexible solution (optional).

country - 2 letter ISO country code, allowing you to use local phone number format. If not specified, the account’s default country code is used (optional).

lc_param_<param_name> - sets a custom parameter. The parameter’s name should be between 1-20 characters, case insensitive (roman alphabet, digits, and underscore sign). It can be used in webhooks, voice messages, and logs. E.g.: 1c_param_1, 1c_param_project_name, etc. (optional)

Example of JSON Request Body
  'widget_key': '%WIDGET_KEY%', 
  'api_key': '%API_KEY%', 
  'lc_param_name': 'John Doe', // Name of the lead
  'lc_param_email': '', // Email of the lead
  'lc_number': '+1234567890', // Phone number of the lead

Options to override a call group with custom operators (optional):

This is needed in case you want to change the ordinary call queue and, for example, send calls to an operator who usually doesn’t get calls.

lc_param_agent<number>name - custom agent name (e.g. lc_param_agent01name)

lc_param_agent<number>phone - custom agent phone (e.g. lc_param_agent01phone). Phone numbers can be with trailing zero or without.


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