Getting after-call data via Zapier [Trigger]

Learn how to receive data from Convolo


The Speed-to-Lead™ app will let you get the call information from Convolo and send it to your system. This is what you need to start using the app:

  • Zapier account
  • Convolo Leads account


  • First, create a new Zap:

  • Then, get a widget key and API key for the widget you want to proceed with the call-in.


  • Choose Convolo Leads as a trigger:

  • Choose New Call as a trigger event:

  • Click the Sign in to Convolo Leads button

  • Fill the widget key and API key fields with the same parameters from your widget.

  • Chose account and click Continue:

  • Test your trigger


Setup trigger

In this example, we are using Google Sheets.
  • NB! Every change of the call status will be polling the trigger: call started, call ended, received client/agent feedback, and so on.
  • Choose an event you want to proceed lead (Google Sheets in our example)

  • Choose Lookup Spreadsheet Row as an action

  • Choose an account:

  • Set the “Lookup Column” and “Lookup Value” fields. Set bottom-up search to true.

  • Check “Create Google Sheets Spreadsheet Row if it doesn’t exist yet?”, if needed.

  • Click Continue and test action, if needed:

  • Add one more action

  • Once again choose Google Sheets, but this time with Update Spreadsheet Row as an action:

  • Choose the Row parameter from the previous step as a row:

  • Choose the data you want to update:

  • Test action, then turn on Zap:

There. You’re all set to Get Data using Zapier! If you have any questions, please email us at

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Last updated on March 25, 2023